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Everyone wants to love where they work. Across the country employees are working longer hours, and in return they want to feel appreciated for their hard work. Companies realize they need a cost effective way to impact employee satisfaction and productivity.

So how can you cost-effectively increase employee engagement and foster a productive staff?

CityLync is a technology platform that connects companies and individuals to a network of restaurants, caterers and other local vendors to bring variety and healthy food options to the workplace. A corporate food program is ranked as one of the most meaningful perks that a company can provide its employees.

No one likes ordering lunch for a group or planning a catered meal for a meeting or event.  CityLync will set-up and manage your food program, meetings and events so you can check one more thing off your to-do-list. We handle the entire process from the planning to delivery.  Every restaurant is certified for top-notch food and on-time delivery.

Just sit back and relax, lunch is on the way.

  • Build an environment that encourages collaboration, while increasing efficiency

  •  We make it simple to discover new and interesting meals at reasonable prices

  • Spend less time on food management & toss your binder of menus - we coordinate everything so you never worry about faxes, paper menus and phone tag with caterers

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